TOTO Washlet C5 – What Outstanding features it holds?

ToTo Washlet C5

After putting a number of bidet seats and Washlets through their paces in order to provide you with an in-depth examination of their differences and similarities, we have come to the conclusion that the toto washlet c5 provides the finest compromise between the aforementioned three criteria.

Whether you have prior experience with bidets or have never used one before, it is likely that you will like using this particular type.

What Happened When We Tested Fake Test Using Toto Washlet C5

So, we performed the fake pop test using Nutella, the toto washlet c5 performed as well as or better than any other toto washlet c5 I have tried. Its performance was on par with the S550e, even when compared to older models like the C100 and C200 (their finest bidet).

The most effective degree of pressure for cleaning is shown in the movie to be the maximum. My first attempts at cleaning the chocolate were laborious endeavors, requiring a low-pressure setting and a lot of time and energy.

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How Well Does the TOTO Washlet C5 Perform With Warm Water?

The Toto washlet c5 has four heat settings, including an unheated “Off” mode, a low setting of 95 degrees Fahrenheit, a medium setting of 100 degrees, and a high setting of 104 degrees Fahrenheit (High). Approximately between 95 and 105 Fahrenheit.

It just takes 40 soothing seconds for the water to recover to a lovely room temperature.

The TOTO K300 bidet, which costs about the same, has a more advanced water heater that provides an unending supply of warm water. The K300 bidet has a built-in instant heater, so the water is reliably hot. That way, you know it will always be steaming hot.

The Toto washlet c5 comes with a regular water heater for the tank. That means it is self-sufficient in terms of water supply. The bidet’s reservoir stores water that may be heated and used immediately.

You Need To Refill The Gas And Reheat It After It Runs Out

While reducing the bidet’s footprint to a minimum, this tank offers enough water for a warm wash of around 30-40 seconds, depending on the pressure setting.

Apparently, the bidet’s heater keeps the water from being too frigid, however, I didn’t put it to the test when it was -40 degrees outside.

TOTO designed the C5 to look well in modern restrooms.

I don’t have any solid evidence, but I think this bidet is meant to replace the C200. Both bidets have features that are comparable when compared to one another.

The C200 probably didn’t get the upgrade it required until the Toto washlet C5 came along. The C200 is around 7.4 inches tall at the back, whereas the toto washlet C5 is just 5.8 inches.

It’s smaller and less conspicuous than the C200, thanks to its design’s elimination of unnecessary branding elements.

Comparison of Basic and Advanced Spray Settings Based on Post-Use Testing and Adjustments to Nozzles

This short video demonstrates how to clean the rear by adjusting the nozzle’s angle. A wide dynamic range is seen.

It’s possible to aim precisely thanks to the nozzle’s five adjustable settings.

Relaxing Setting of Sitting in a Bathtub

When it comes to comfort and convenience, the Toto washlet c5 Rear Soft mode is quite comparable to the sitz bath feature found on Brondell bidet seats.

Only in the case of a Brondell sitz bath is there an exception to the standard time, which is set at 5 minutes.

The Rear Soft option on the bidet may be used for a soothing sitz bath, to soothe sensitive skin (such that caused by hemorrhoids), or if you just want a milder water flow.

Put The Sprayer In The Frontal Position

Keep in mind that the toto washlet c5 does not offer a Wide Front option (only the S300e and S500e series bides have that feature).

However, it has an appropriate amount of strength. Too much pressure might be unpleasant in the front female position. (source).

Oscillating and Massaging Spray Mechanisms Make Up The Dual Spray Mechanism

In a bidet, the most important of the high-tech spray choices is the oscillation of the nozzle, which allows the bidet to move about the toilet for you. This suggests that adjusting one’s posture will happen less often.

When washing a car, you’ll need to move the hose back and forth and side to side to distribute the water evenly.

To More Effectively Rinse a Larger Area, The Nozzle Oscillates

Unlike some other bidets, when the oscillation setting is used, the nozzle on this one really moves.

The massage function provides a soothing experience by varying the water pressure between high and low intervals. Even though I don’t see a major difference, I appreciate it.

Since it stimulates the sphincter muscles, it is sometimes used to induce defecation.

Mechanical and Electronic Regulating Devices (Wireless Remote and Control Panel)

Customers who invest in a Toto washlet c5 are given access to a wireless remote that has a lighted touchpad for even more ease of use. This is far better than the bulging side panel of the C2.

The absence of an LCD screen is mitigated by the device’s slim and chic double-sided design.

Wow, that’s a fancy controller. It has simple adjustments for a lot of different settings. It’s easy to understand what each control does and how to use it.

One of the few visible upgrades over the C2 is the C5’s wireless remote. The key differentiating feature between the C2 and Toto washlet C5 is the remote, which accounts for much of the price difference.

There’s an additional expense associated with a wireless remote that you’ll need to weigh against the convenience it provides.

The old side panel served its purpose, but the new design is much more appealing and easier to operate. We made sure the bidet’s remote was in a readily accessible location so you wouldn’t have to stoop or look away from the toilet to operate it.

Users with disabilities, especially those affecting movement or vision, will appreciate this enhancement the most.

Energy And Water Conservation

Efficient Water Use

Even though a bidet typically uses little water, the C5 uses even less than the industry standard. One of the reasons is that it aerates the water before releasing it.

And since it concentrates the water flow, the cleaning spray is more robust and effective with less water.

Reducing Consumption and Wasting

This TOTO bidet is always draining the battery since it has a tank heater and must keep the water at a steady temperature.

The energy wasted is noticeable when compared to tankless instantaneous heaters, which only need to heat water while the bidet is in use. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that we only rated it 7/10.

With Its Various Eco Options, The C5 Stands Out Among Tankless Bidets

It has three energy-saving settings, making it more eco-friendly than competing bidets. The environmental mode of a bidet may regulate the water heater and heated seat, two of the most energy-intensive components.

The automated energy saver is the first choice. Invoking this function will cause the bidet to immediately begin using much less water and power. It figures out when you’re less likely to use the bidet and lowers the water and seat temperatures at certain times.

Next up is the Power Saver Clock. This feature may be used to place the bidet into an energy-saving mode when the user is away (at work, for example) or sleeping.

This energy-saving tool has both an automated power-saving mode and a timer. To achieve the highest possible level of efficiency, this feature combines the aforementioned Eco options.

Powerful Forced-Air Heat Drier

Unlike the A2 and A100, the TOTO C5 Washlet has a warm-air dryer. The dryer has three different heat settings.

Because of its powerful airflow and ability to keep the room at a comfortable temperature, the dryer is among the best I’ve used.

When compared to others, certain bidets’ weaker airflow and greater temperature are irritating and ineffective.

I’m not going to pretend that the C5 dryer can magically remove all of your moisture from your skin in record time. To become proficient in using a bidet drier, some practice is usually required. The first few times I used a bidet, the drier had a hard time doing its job since I kept getting water on the back of the seat.

The effectiveness of the warm air drier directly impacts the amount of money saved over time. You can eliminate your need for toilet paper altogether if you learn how to use a dryer like this one.

Presets For The Convenience Of The User Are Included

The C5 Washlet is rated very highly (9/10) because of its dual user settings. The wireless remote isn’t the only thing setting the C5 apart from the C2. The user settings are also a big deal.

This feature may be used by two people to save their own preferences for nozzle placement, water pressure, and temperature.

If you share a bathroom with someone else, this is a great feature to have, since most bidets will just revert to the most recently used settings.

Now you can kick off a tailored session with the push of a single button. The lack of a one-button auto mode and a child-friendly wash setting prevented it from obtaining full marks. 

Scents to Refresh the Air

The TOTO C5, like its predecessor, the TOTO C200, has an integrated air deodorizer that operates automatically.

The compounds responsible for bathroom orders are trapped by a carbon filter concealed behind the small vent.

Unlike air fresheners, which just cover up unpleasant orders, the filter gets rid of them entirely.

At Night, There Is No Light

The TOTO C5 does not include a built-in nightlight. For some reason, only the most expensive of TOTO’s bidets have nightlights.

Even the S500e and S300e bidets, which retail for over a thousand dollars, lack this feature, leaving just the S550e and S350e.

A nightlight in the bowl of the bidet is a standard fixture, making this discrepancy all the more perplexing.

Nozzle Sterilization (EWATER+)

The TOTO C5 is equipped with an automatic, on-demand nozzle cleaning feature. However, the use of electrolyzed water (EWATER+) for cleaning nozzles improves hygiene.

Biologically Pure Bowl (PREMIST Feature) 

All bidets include a nozzle, and although self-cleaning models are relatively rare, they are not absent.

To a large extent, the PREMIST and EWATER+ are incompatible with one another. You won’t find these features on the C200, C100, A2, A100, or KC2. They’re exclusive to the C2.

With each use, the pre-mist function gently sprays the bowl with water.

As waste and filth (poop) slide off the surface of the EWATER+-treated toilet bowl, they can’t build up over time or leave unsightly stains. It’s difficult to immediately evaluate how well it prevents the bowl from being stained.

But I’ve only heard good things about this function, so it must work.

Types of Cleaning Nozzles and How They’re Made

A big plus is that it’s a multi-purpose nozzle rather than three separate pieces. Therefore, it eliminates the need for a second nozzle to clean the rear as well as the front (like Brondell and Omigo bidets).

Having a plastic nozzle is a letdown since many bidet users, myself included, want stainless steel. TOTO nozzles aren’t known for being easily damaged or worn out, so I don’t see it as much of a problem.

The Spraying Force and Pressure of Water

Incredibly, the toto washlet c5 has exceptional water pressure. Because the greatest nozzle output is only around 0.5 l/min, as stated in the instructions, I find it to be somewhat astonishing.

At its highest setting, the bidet’s jet stream is narrow and concentrated, but it still doesn’t spray too much water.

The bidet has five different water pressure settings, from 0.27 to 0.43 liters per minute (or 0.07 to 0.11 gallons per minute).

Even though there isn’t a high-pressure turbo setting, the pressure is extremely good and more than enough for regular cleaning.

Comfort (Heated Seat, Sitting Room, Etc)

Enjoy your ride even more thanks to the heated seat. You may adjust the surface temperature of the seat from 82 to 97 degrees Fahrenheit (28 to 36 degrees Celsius). In the auto energy saver mode, the seat temperature is kept at around 26 degrees Celsius (79 degrees Fahrenheit).

Even though the thermometer said it was only 97 degrees, it seemed much hotter than that.

Back Where It’s Just 5.8 Inches High, The Bidet Isn’t Exactly Spacious

Already established, the C100 and C200 models of the previous toto washlet c5 were noticeably bigger and gave less sitting area as the user was forced to the front of the seat.

The C5 has a seat opening of around 12 inches, which is larger than even the standard for expanded toilet seats. The front seat turned out to be plenty of roomy.

Variations on the Seat and Cover

When compared to the S550e, there is no automatic open/close function. Neither a motion detector nor a remote control is required to operate the lid and seat.

But the soft-closing hinges, or SoftClose as TOTO calls them, are fantastic. With only a little nudging, the lid and seat closed gently and thoughtfully on their own. The time it took to completely shut down was around 25 seconds.

Prevents Banging And Prolonged Wear And Tear

When compared to competing bidets, the absence of a cover that may be used while sitting is a major drawback. Toto Washlet c5 is not alone in this regard, as the manufacturer has not addressed this concern by including this feature in any of their products.

Final Words

You have obtained it at this time.

The Toto washlet c5 outperforms most competitors in its price range and luxury category, and it also offers some premium features at a lower price than competing models. It’s an improvement over the C200 it replaced.

The Toto washlet c5 is not a high-end bidet, but it does include several features that are more common in more costly versions, such as an air deodorizer, the PREMIST function, and an electrolyzed water nozzle that cleans itself.

Since the K300 is often the same price, I would recommend it if you want hot water on demand.

If you like what you see but don’t require a wireless remote or personalized setting, the TOTO C2 is a cost-effective option.