TOTO K300: The Smart Bidet Seat for Your Ultimate Comfort

TOTO K300 Bidet Review

In this bidetsPLUS review, we take a look at the TOTO K300. In the realm of modern bidet seats, often known as Washlets, TOTO is without a doubt the most well-known brand name.

The K300 is TOTO’s middle-of-the-road vehicle, with an upgraded set of amenities and a more streamlined design than the C200 but a lower price tag than the S550e and S500e.

Those interested in the TOTO name but want to pay a price closer to that of luxury bidet seats from other manufacturers may be interested in the remote-controlled K300 washlet. Detailed Bidet Reviews on the TOTO K300 Product;

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Design of TOTO K300

The TOTO K300 washlet is contemporary and uncomplicated. The water tank side of the toilet contains a black, spherical remote control receiver. Unlike the S500e/S550e, the lid of the K300 opens from the back. The housing is visible for 1.5 inches.

On the left side of the cargo compartment, three indicator lights—electricity, heated seat, and fuel economy—are situated. The TOTO Washlet logo is centered on the housing.

This model, like the K300, improves on the TOTO C200 but falls short of the S550e. Unlike the C200’s lid, the S550e’s top completely encloses the device.

The K300’s back is just 0.1 inches higher than the S550e’s, and it is sleeker than variants with bigger reservoir tanks. The lid of the S550e/Contemporary S500e is squared off and flat.

The power cord and water supply line protrudes from the bidet’s rear, left side, as they have on prior TOTO bidets. The distance between the power cable and the hose is 46 inches. It is 14.8 inches across and 5.2 inches tall.

This large model measures 20.5″ from the rear of the case to the screen’s edge. Anyone may use the 8.4-ounce gadget. The sleek, modern form of this washlet is similar to a tankless bidet seat.

Configured Bluetooth Remote

Everything is controlled with the TOTO K300’s wireless remote. The remote comes with a little white magnetic wall plate. TOTO’s K300 remote has the most frequently used controls on the front and fan speed, timer, and temperature settings on the rear.

The remote has white buttons with black symbols.

The front of the remote includes five huge vertical buttons. These buttons operate the oscillating wash, air dryer, front and rear cleans, and top-to-bottom stop.

Moderate cleaning is possible by double-pressing the backwash button. Water pressure and washing wand height controls are located underneath the main column. Two users may keep track of their wand positions, water pressures, and temperatures in the bottom icons.

The heater, water heater, and air dryer are all controlled by the remote back. The washlet has power, three energy-saving modes, a cleaning nozzle extension, double-check, and three more controls. Battery warnings are shown on the remote’s back.

The two-sided K300 remote is less crowded and easier to operate. A standard TV remote is 6.8 inches tall, 2.0 inches wide, and 0.8 inches deep. Unlike the K300’s white plastic casing, the silver color of the S550e/exquisite S500e shines out.

Functioning of a Bidet

To offer continuous hot water, the TOTO K300, like other high-end bidets, uses tankless water heating technology. The temperature of the water may be adjusted between 86 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit or left unaltered.

The rear cleaning function includes a standard spray as well as a “soft” spray with a bigger spray pattern. The wide spray setting is more gentle on delicate skin. The feminine cleaning mode on the S500e/wide/soft S550e is a regular spray.

The spray nozzle’s five configurations allow it to be used for both front and rear cleaning. Five pressure settings range from low to high.

By pressing one of the two user preset buttons on the front lower half (labeled “personal setting lock” in the user manual), you may preserve these preferences and the current temperature in the remote’s memory.

User settings come in helpful when a married pair uses the washlet in the master bathroom.

Throughout the wash cycle, the K300 oscillates the nozzle. This allows the spray to clean more effectively in fewer passes, therefore enhancing the cleaning process. This variant lacks the wash capabilities of the S550e/pulsing S500e.

TOTO machines, such as the K300, use a single plastic wash nozzle. TOTO should utilize stainless steel nozzles, in my opinion. The K300 is a step higher than cheaper TOTO chairs, however, it lacks essential wash functionalities.

Extra Characteristics

The TOTO K300 comes with a heated seat and a warm air dryer with three heat settings. Clamming may be avoided by lowering the lid and seat gradually.

Air purifiers are a standard feature on the K300. This feature works like an exhaust fan to suck air from the bowl through a removable filter that can be cleaned. Manual nozzle extension and built-in cleaning are also possible.

The TOTO K300’s toilet bowl may be cleaned with a mist of water. Misting is done using regular tap water on this model (not electrolyzed water, or eWater, like the S550e and S500e). To clean and disinfect, use electrolyzed water.

The bidet has two power-saving modes and a timer so that it may save power while it’s not in use. K300 strikes a nice middle ground between the fully-featured S550e and the bigger, simpler, cheaper variants, and it offers a high-quality TOTO seat alternative to the more expensive models.

After reading the bidetsPLUS review, you now have an interest in the TOTO K300.