What is Bidet Enema? Best Bidets For Enema in 2023

Is Bidet Enema

Today, we’ll go through how to perform a bidet enema in the privacy of your own home. Enema is a medical procedure to cleanse or regulate your bowel movements.

Bidet can give you an enema using a handheld bidet.  Enema is a safe treatment and bidet can help you get it.  

In this article, we’ll talk through enema administration, the many varieties of enema wash available, and whether or not they really give any value. This article is strictly not concerned with regular bidet attachments about bidets without an enema function.

In a proper enema, fluids are drained out of the rectum (the very last segment of the colon).

While most people identify enemas with constipation relief, they also have medical applications such as giving medicine or prepping the patient for x-rays (barium enema).

You may use them at home to relieve constipation and cleanse your system.

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Is it Possible to Perform an Enema Using a Bidet?

A portable bidet seat offers a good enema. For this reason, provides an enema nozzle designed, which is meant to circumvent the anal sphincters and deliver water directly to the rectum. 

Some electric bidet seats provide a vortex water stream that may be used to directly spray the rectum with water.

Water-vortex nozzles are only present in a few enema bidet seats to provide a stream of water from the bidet. The enema purpose for which it was developed is never specified directly. Furthermore, the term “enema” often refers to a technique in which water is injected into the rectum, which is not the situation here (not just spray and pray).

Because most portable enema bidet kits are too lengthy to use the enema while sitting on the toilet, you may find that using the kit in the shower is more practical. Furthermore, the shower is a good location for them to create a lot of noise and spray water.

Is it Possible to Get an Enema from a Modern Bidet Seat?

Some of you are wondering whether the newest high-tech toilets (the ones with the retractable wand) can give you an enema or if they have a setting meant to clean the rectum. However, in the United States, they are rapidly replacing previous bidet models. 

Modern bidets do not have an enema function (high-tech seats and accessories). Water may enter the rectum if this kind is employed, either intentionally or unintentionally. 

However, the internal anal sphincter (IAS) cannot be opened freely and must be opened through a specialized link.

This means that the water flow, pressure, and accuracy provided by this kind are inadequate for complete cleaning.

Constipation may be excruciating, but the “enema function of bidets” on select electronic bidet seats is a tried and true method of eliminating waste and getting things moving again. 

A bidet seat with a vortex setting offers a water stream that may be utilized to create a highly concentrated and strong jet stream using physics concepts.

The greatest electronic bidet that can also do enemas may be found here (Amazon link).

How to Perform Bidet Enema? : Suggestions

The whirling water vortex might theoretically perform both of these things:

Allows water to pass through the sphincters, assisting in the evacuation of rectal contents (read: poop).

A strong/narrow jet focused on the sphincters aids them in their role of emptying the colon.

Many people prefer this way of cleaning over enema attachments/kits since it is more relaxing and needs far less effort on their side.

The most significant disadvantage is the higher cost choice. Portable bidet/enema adapters cost about $40, while full-size electric bidets with an enema function range in price from $200 to $600. If you’re looking for a bidet to get an enema experience we have options below.

Enema can be dangerous if used in means of injection or another mode but bidet enema is safe and effective. You can have an at-home successful enema with a bidet and cleanse well using a bidet sprayer with an enema wand to get the procedure done. 

You’re obviously purchasing a high-quality electric bidet.

Warm Water Bio Bidet by Bemis

The BB-1000 Supreme Bidet’s expanded and circular toilet variants are the peak of bathroom elegance. Make yourself at home on a warm, thermostatically regulated seat.

A good deodorizer and a cover that shuts gently can make your refuge even more peaceful. This is a very famous bidet among people and is also used for an enema function at home.

The temperature, pressure, and spray pattern of the water may all be modified with the provided remote. Soak in the soothing warmth of the water. Choose between a soft child wash, a high-pressure vortex wash, a wash for women, or a wash made exclusively for men.

Try utilizing the massage feature for calming postpartum care or treating hemorrhoids and performing enemas.

The retractable and self-cleaning 3-in-1 nozzle may be utilized for both front and back cleaning. After washing, you may dry off in the warm air by pushing a button. 

or your convenience during setup, the t adaptor valve, water hose, and bidet connections are all provided. There is no need to hire a plumber to install your bidet.

Every operation needs the usage of electricity. Using the Energy Save Mode might help you save money on energy expenditures. 

We provide a comprehensive range of bidet goods, such as handheld bidet sprayers, attachments, seats, and even whole bidet toilets. Bio Bidet by Bemis is proud to provide cutting-edge goods that are also low-maintenance and long-lasting.

Why We Like It

  • Low maintenance and long-lasting.
  • DIY procedure to install.
  • Front & back cleaning.
  • Massage feature.
  • Warm water bidet.
  • Deoderizer.
  • Soft closure.

ALPHA BIDET GXR Wave Bidet Toilet Seat

The Alpha GXR Wave Bidet-Enema Toilet Seat, with its beautiful, wireless remote control, is the newest and most anticipated member of Alpha Bidet’s highly renowned ‘Wave Series. 

The new GXR Wave best bidet seat acts as an enema function bidet and prioritizes superior performance and accessibility, much like its side-paneled sister the GX Wave.

There are three spray settings, an LED nightlight, a suitable lid, and many more features. Try out the Alpha Bidet and witness the difference for yourself.

The GXR Wave is a seat with an enema function available in both elongated and circular forms and is suitable with both two-piece and select one-piece commodes that lack a French curve design.

The bidet enema function is a true enema-providing thing that consumers appreciate. 

Why We Like It

  • Rear+ Wash Mode 
  • LED Night Light
  • Wireless Remote Control 
  • Warm Air Dryer
  • Hybrid Heating System 
  • Luxury Touches
  • Smart, Minimalistic Design

A Variety of Douche Bags and Enema Sets

There is now just one sort of best bidet toilet used as an enema featuring fixture that can be considered “real.”

Bidets of the European kind. These seem to be little sinks that may be attached to the wall above the commode. Some of these sinks even have water jets in the basin.

Combination bidet seats and other cutting-edge toilet accessories. Toilets are transformed with bidet seats and accessories. Toilet/bidet pairings are common in today’s modern day.

Sprayers. Essentially, portable sprayers are miniature versions of the fixtures seen on kitchen sinks.

The enema and douche kits are exclusive to portable bidets. They often link up with the shower rather than the bathroom’s commode.

Showerhead & handheld Bidet Enema Nozzles

Water may be focused precisely where it’s needed using a handheld showerhead.

For enemas that won’t leave you hobbling for days, most detachable showerheads are just too big.

A do-it-yourself enemas attachment may be used with either a permanent or removable showerhead.

The bidet seats with the enema showerhead and the handheld nozzle both get water from the T-valve.

The nozzle from a douche kit may be converted into a “shower bidet” if you don’t plan on using it for enemas.

These days, you may douche in the shower thanks to the detachable showerhead. Traditional fixed shower heads are compatible with handheld sprayers with T-valves.

A shower is an excellent place for thorough cleaning if you despise mess.

The nozzle of an enema is too long to fit into a toilet, therefore it’s safer to use an enema kit in the shower.

There are types of bidets including portable bidets available that double as enema kits, complete with a special attachment designed to penetrate the rectum. You may use toilet paper upon your own wish if using a bidet.

It may take many cycles to clean them because of their limited water capacity.

How Bidets Give You an Enema? : Instructions

Each type of enema bidet kit of the bidet comes with its own set of instructions and thus bidet can be used in a more appropriate way to perform an enema. When using a bidet as an enema thing rectum douching is not the same as vaginal douching.

In bidets with enema function guts are guarded by two sphincters—the inguinal and external anal in a bidet seat with enema function.

It is possible to clench but not open the outer sphincter. An electronic probe is needed to unlock the inner door.

The following is the standard effective bidet enema attachment operating procedure of an effective enema.

  1. When it comes to general cleaning, warm water is far more comfortable than cold water.
  2. Avoid using hot water since it may cause irritation to the rectum and anus. Those who have suffered from acute hemorrhoids (inflamed anus) understand. 
  3. There will be less work and less clutter as a result. You may be unsure of how much water to use for a cleanse at first. 
  4. It’s finally time to get an enema if you’re relaxed enough. Don’t worry bidet seat with an enema isn’t harmful for you.
  5. Insert the enema wand midway into the anus, careful not to rip the sphincter.
  6. Slowly Fill the rectum gradually by turning the water. As soon as water begins to enter, turn it off.
  7. If you’re constipated, try giving yourself a 10-second warm water enema before you go to the bathroom.
  8. This remedy to get an enema from a bidet has been used to help those who suffer from constipation. The combination of water and nozzle helps loosen the bowels by relaxing sphincters and lubricating the anus. This method reduces the size of the rectum, which facilitates defecation.
  9. Do this process again until you have a spotless rectum.
  10. Ultimately, you should be left with potable water.
  11. Finish. A little bit of time is all that is needed.

Is Enema Function Bidet Safe?

It’s not acceptable to use an enema simply because a model does.

Using this enema is risk-free so long as you do it right. Home enemas should be done cautiously, as with any enema. Think about the attachment’s design, the water quality, and the sterilization of the nozzle.

Because some of these add-ons may not be FDA-approved, the design of the device itself is important. If performed correctly, enemas are considered safe by health authorities for home use.

No function of an enema bidet is risk-free, and that includes medicinal enemas. DIY attempts are discouraged by certain medical experts.


Are bidet enemas good?

No, bidets are not intended for enema purposes, and using them in this way is not recommended.

Is it OK to use a bidet like an enema?

 No, it is not okay to use a bidet as an enema. Bidets are designed for external cleaning, not enema-like functions.

Does anyone else use their bidet as an enema?

 Some people might attempt this, but it is not a recommended or safe practice.

Can a bidet give you an enema?

Some bidets are designed to provide an enema. Bidet enemas can be safe and less risky than actual enemas. The bidet enema function does not insert anything like medication or injections. 

Can you give yourself an enema sitting on the toilet?

Yes, it is possible to give yourself a basic enema if you use the enema function in the bidet at home using an over-the-counter enema kit or as prescribed by a healthcare professional. Follow instructions carefully and seek medical advice if needed.


In conclusion, bidets and enemas serve distinct purposes in personal hygiene and medical care. While bidets are designed for external cleansing and comfort, enemas are medically prescribed procedures for specific conditions.

Attempting to use a bidet as an enema can lead to discomfort and potential harm. It is essential to use each tool as intended, prioritizing both hygiene and health and seeking professional guidance when necessary.

Bidet doesn’t cause discomfort to you or anyone and bidet enema can help release constipation and ease hemorrhoids. Bidet enema’s safe sides are more and you will hardly find any risk as the enema works directly in the right way.

These seats give you an enema easily without expert instructions. Some handheld enema bidets have more potential to heal the situation than others. 

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