Why Alpha Bidet JX is Worth? Complete Review Is Out

Alpha Bidet JX Review

This article contains a full review of the Alpha bidet toilet seat, including its features, advantages, and limitations, as well as demonstrations of its functioning.

The JX bidet isn’t perfect, but it’s by far the greatest option available right now. Perhaps the only premium bidet is priced at $400.

Let’s get started with the overall review;

Alpha Bidet Complete Review

TOTO K300 Bidet Complete Review

The alpha bidet’s water pressure is second only to that of the BB-1000 among the bidets I’ve tested (an extra-strong, but otherwise inferior bidet).

With 0.7 liters per minute, the water flow rate is above average. There is no “Rear+” (turbo) button on this bidet as there is on other Alpha models. Pressing the “H” button/up arrow on the Water/Dry buttons may provide the highest possible pressure.

It uses around twice as much water as TOTO bidets (and water pressure).

The Alpha JX outperformed the other bidets CNN tested. The JX was clearly the finest in the display.

I understand why the average wash cycle lasts around a minute. As a result, it cleans better and faster than ordinary bidets.

Alpha Bidet Hot Water Performance

The tankless, instantaneous heater on the alpha bidet provides maximum-temperature hot water.

Small hot water tanks are standard on entry-level bidets. Warm water tanks in these heaters are emptied every 30-40 seconds. Many tank-warmer bidets are more expensive than the JX.

Instantaneous heaters, such as the JX, give an unending supply of hot water. It has the capacity to heat water for an hour. Brondell bidets with instant heating cost 1.5 times as much as JX. TOTO K300 is the most affordable bidet for this purpose.

Finally, fast heaters differ. Some only pump water in the low 90s. According to the handbook, the JX can achieve 104° F (40° C). 99°F.

Size of Alpha Bidet

Round and elongated types are separated by about an inch. The bidet measures 20.8′′ (elongated) or 19.4′′ (round) in length, 15.1′′ in width, and 5.8′′-6′′ in height. The back height was 5.8′′ according to the website and myself. The manual specifies 6′′.

Slimmer bidets are more visually appealing, take up less space, and allow users to sit farther back. The low back seat slants. Bidet is thin and tiny.

Rear/Front Cleaning, Adjustable Nozzle 

The rear and frontal scrubbing work of the alpha bidet is something that we appreciate about this product. The alpha bidet has three nozzle settings for precise aiming and targets directly on the purpose of these modern bidets of today. Most adjustable nozzles have 5 settings for precisions that make it for 5 different pressures making it comfy and reliable.

Since the nozzle has many frontal spraying holes, the front-feminine mode is gentle and low-pressure. Also, High-pressure frontal washing moves water from back to front, drying skin (source).

Wireless Remote/Control Panel of This Amazing Bidet

Wireless remotes replace side panels in luxury bidets. When you pay more you get expensive and the latest kinds of bidets. But when at a cheaper cost you get a luxury bidet for you it’s obviously a premium alpha bidet. 

This little bidet remote accomplishes a lot making it real convenience for routine usage. The single-sided LCD panel saves space (LCD displays let you do more with fewer buttons) making it smarter in modern ways of doing things. We love it when you use it with the latest methods and with less effort.

There are lots of buttons to handle controls and make processes go with real convenience. 

However, remember how to activate functionalities. Hold Power Saving and Rear/Stop to clean nozzles on demand (the auto nozzle-cleaning feature works automatically).

The remote functions otherwise. Large, simple buttons control crucial functions. This makes the bidet easier for beginners, kids, and seniors.

Alpha Bidet Offers Low Monthly Energy Cost

Alpha Bidet/ JX bidet quick heaters only use energy as needed. 

Most energy is lost when bidets are idle and are not in usage routine-wise. The Eco mode bidet requires 1 Watt (0.001 kilowatts) at idle and during usage, it becomes a little higher but it is acceptable. 


  • The Alpha JX has two power-saving options.
  • Auto and Super save energy.
  • Auto maintains 86° F heating temps during non-bidet use.
  • Super saver saves the most energy. It decreases nighttime heating.
  • For the best savings, use the bidet without the heated seat.
  • Air-Spray Bidet King explains the bidet’s airstream.
  • Aerated nozzles air-enrich water. Air displaces water and strengthens washing spray.

Dryer Mode

  • The dryer works well after 3 minutes.
  • JX bidet driers follow suit. Bidet dryers dry the washing spray target area adequately.
  • Water on the bidet seat back may contact the target area. The practice lowers this.
  • First, you’ll have to physically dry other portions of your bottom with TP or a towel unless you don’t mind shifting.

Comfy (Comfort Level)

  • Alpha JX lacks user settings.
  • Two users can save water temperature, pressure, and nozzle position. Some save dryer and seat temperatures.
  • JX preserves settings for single users.
  • Two push-to-auto functions are nice.


JX nozzles excel the process with a higher usability level making it reliable for more persons. First, it’s durable—not plastic like other bidets 2ndly its cleanliness process is 10/10.

Antimicrobial nanotechnology sterilizes the aluminum nozzle. Few bidets, including the JX, have this capability.

Pressing/holding the Rear/Stop and Power Saving buttons for 5 seconds on the control panel self-cleans the JX before and after use.

Finally, only the JX has a soft-feminine wash option with fewer holes.

Spray Specialties

Nozzle oscillation saves the JX. It’s pulseless. Massage-like pulses alternate moderate and strong pressure. Oscillation modes increase nozzle coverage.

Electric bidets have an oscillation modes. Cleaning your behind with a fixed nozzle is like washing a dirty car with the hose. Moving the nozzle speeds up watering.

Its four settings are room temperature, 89.6° F (32° C), 95° F (35 C), and 100.4° F (38° C).

Alpha JX seats and lids shut slowly. Bidets last longer. Luxury bidets open/close automatically. Only high-end bidets feature auto-open/close. Circular seats are 3/4′′ smaller. Opens 10-1/4′′.

Squat on the lid to clip toenails or rest.

JX, GX, and GXR Alpha bidets feature distinctive sittable lids. iX lacks this. Most bidets advise against lid sitting despite the 160-pound lid weight limit. The JX lid can sit 320 lbs.