The concept of personal hygiene and how a standard toilet may be converted into a bidet is evolving due to the availability of these bidet kits. 

A bidet converter kit is used to convert a regular toilet into a bidet in your bathroom. It adds bidet functionality to your existing toilet, providing a more hygienic and comfortable bathroom experience.

As a new full bidet seat could be quite expensive, you can convert the existing toilet into a bidet using the kit.

The kit includes a nozzle that attaches to the toilet’s water supply and a control valve to regulate water pressure and temperature.

A converter kit is a cheaper alternative to installing a separate bidet unit and is typically easy to install. The good news is that you can now have portable versions such as travel bidets to ease your travels like a pro. 

There are all types of bidets including bidets with most of the benefits and bidets without that many benefits but a basic usage. Warm air dryer bidets are another go-to for your bathroom so your elders could feel a little more comfortable.

Fortunately, these kits come to offer you save cash, improve hygiene, and reduce your environmental footprint without requiring you to make any major changes to your current routine.

Read the buying guide and find out some of the benefits of a bidet converter.

Using Bidet Convert Kit is Good in Many Ways!

Using Bidet Convert Kit is Good in Many Ways

A bidet experience and primary advantages are its ability to save money, improve hygiene, and reduce environmental impact by reducing toilet paper use.

Use the toilet renowned with bidet conversion attachment So, let’s take a closer look at each of these benefits that a bidet converter kit offers:

Saving Money

The average American spends hundreds of dollars each year on toilet paper. Nonetheless, with a bidet converter kit, you may save a lot of need for toilet paper. You’ll also have a less ecological footprint along with long-term savings.

Tip: If you want to save money but cannot compromise on comfort go for warm water non-electric bidet converter. 

Improving Sanitation

While not perfect, toilet paper does a passable job of removing most of our waste when we use the loo.

More thorough cleaning is only one way that a bidet comes you avoid yeast infections, urinary tract infections, and other health problems associated with poor personal hygiene.

Although it’s used by almost everyone, creating toilet paper uses a significant amount of water, trees, and energy. A bidet converter kit might help you save trees by reducing your reliance on paper towels.

Hygiene Expert

Yes, using the best bidet conversion kits is generally considered more sanitary than wiping with toilet paper alone.

Bidets provide a more thorough clean, as they use a stream of water to wash away feces and bodily fluids, reducing the amount of residual matter left on the skin. This can help to reduce the risk of infection and the spread of bacteria.

Additionally, using a bidet converter kit can be more hygienic for individuals with certain medical conditions as compared to toilet paper, such as hemorrhoids or inflammatory bowel disease.

However, it’s important to maintain good hygiene by properly cleaning the area and the device itself to prevent the spread of germs. You can feel comfortable with your existing toilet seat altogether by getting this attachment.

Helping Environment

Towel usage may be reduced with the use of a bidet as well. As they’re quite better to use than towels. 

Space Saving

The main benefit of utilizing a bidet converter kit to convert your toilet is that you don’t need a very large bathroom to do so (unlike when installing a standalone bidet). Similarly, they are more cost-effective and freestanding than those standing-alone bidets..

Putting a bidet converter kit seat on top of your existing toilet seat and lid is a simple way to upgrade your bathroom. With this method, you won’t need to make any major changes to your bathroom’s plumbing or layout to accommodate a bidet.

For saving money, improving personal hygiene, and helping the environment, bidet converter kits are a great option.

Get yourself a new bidet seat and if you can’t afford go for simply an attachment.

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How To Choose The Best Bidet Converter Kit?

How To Choose The Best Bidet Converter Kit

Bidets may be added to any toilet, whether a one- or two-piece model. With that said, the French curve toilet stands out as an unusual variant.

A French curve toilet has a graceful arc rather than a sharp corner between the tank and the bowl. Other curves might be easier to set up a bidet converter kit.

Depending on the model, a bidet seat or attachment may be installed on a French curved toilet. If you think your toilet may have French curves, all you have to keep calm and consult someone who knows about it…

When working with a toilet that is far smaller than the standard toilet, such as one found in an RV, your options are more limited. There are a number of other bidet seats that can be used with RV toilets, but the GoBidet adaptor is your best bet.

If you’re in the market for a bidet seat, you should definitely first go for this important step: measuring your toilet bowl. Knowing whether your toilet bowl is round or elongated can help you choose the appropriate bidet seat.

What Are Some Added Benefits of Using A Bidet?

Benefits of Using A Bidet

The benefits of relying on bidet extend well beyond the financial, hygienic, and ecological gains already mentioned.

For instance, those with injuries or mobility issues may benefit from bidets since it makes it easier for them to clean themselves than with toilet paper.

People with hemorrhoids or other health problems may also benefit from this device. The warm water from a bidet may help relieve pain and irritation.

However, despite all of these benefits, you may get by just fine without shelling out hundreds of dollars for a premium electronic bidet seat. The benefits may be had for far less money with a bidet converter kit.

To clean yourself while using the restroom, you may install a bidet converter kit in your toilet bowl (changing the seat).

They can be set up in under an hour and don’t need any special skills or tools. Once you have one, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one.

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Converter Kit vs Actual Bidet

bidet converter kit vs actual bidet

There are two main types of bidets: those that need an attachment, and those that may be used independently. Consider it if you’re looking for a bidet that doesn’t take up as much area as a full-sized one but provides the same conveniences. 

A separate bidet may help with things like posture, but it usually comes at a higher price. A dedicated bidet might be the way to go if you’ve got the space and the cash. However, there are space-saving advantages to using this attachment.

Adding a Bidet To An Existing Toilet: Conversion Instructions

With a bidet converter kit, upgrading an old toilet is a breeze. All you need is a screwdriver and around 10 minutes of your time. Everything you need to make the switch is included in the box, from the bidet itself to the faucet and connectors. Simply said, the process is straightforward.

Cold Water Non-Electric Bidet Converter Kits

All the extras for your bidet are top-notch. They have reattached themselves to all types of toilets.

The primary benefit of an attachment over a bidet spray is the elimination of manual cleaning.

Not only can the nozzle be hidden away behind a locked gate when it’s not in use, but it can also be retracted when it is. When compared to portable bidets, this design has the advantage of keeping the nozzle clean by preventing contamination from spraying water from the bowl’s interior.

Attachments are more universally applicable than seats due to the fact that they can fit any shape of the toilet being used.

If you are moving to a new home or apartment, you may be certain that your attachment will work with the toilet.

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15. TOTO C5 Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

Thanks to this premise ToTo c5 electronic bidet seat ensures hygiene with guaranteed cleanliness. A warm seat and adjustable water pressure make it a perfect fit for the users and allow comfort at your toughest times.

The American standard of this attachment makes it trustworthy and high quality making it the show stopper.

If you want to clean your butt with more ease and quite a good you can attach it to your current toilet seat no matter what type of toilet you use. It is one of the best converter kits on the market. Hurry up to get your TOTO toilet seat now;

Why We Like it?

  • Improved comfort
  • Premist function
  • Highly recommended.
  • Warm seat.
  • Adjustable water pressure.

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14. Greenco Bidet Attachment for Toilet

The Greenco Bidet Attachment for Toilet is an affordable and easy-to-install bidet attachment that provides a hygienic and comfortable cleansing experience. It features a single nozzle for posterior cleaning and adjustable water pressure for customized cleansing.

The attachment is made of durable materials and is compatible with most standard toilets. It can also help reduce the use of toilet paper, making it a nice choice.

Why We Like it?

  • Improved comfort
  • Ease of Use
  • Highly recommended.
  • Warm water attachment.
  • Adjustable water pressure.
  • Environmentally friendly.

13. LUXE Bidet NEO 180

You may have a clean and relaxing cleaning experience with the LUXE Bidet NEO 180, which is a bidet attachment that is simple to install. It can be used with two nozzles at once, the water pressure can be adjusted, and it can clean itself.

The attachment’s nozzles fold away when not in use, and it’s built of durable materials and guaranteed for a year. In addition to being better for the environment, it may help you save money on toilet paper.

Why We Like it?

  • Affordable enough.
  • Easy-to-install bidet attachment
  • Dual nozzles for posterior and feminine cleaning
  • Adjustable water pressure.
  • Self-cleaning nozzles for optimal hygiene
  • Backed by a one-year warranty
  • Environmentally friendly.

12. LUXE Bidet NEO 185 Plus

This LUXE bidet’s body is made of UV-resistant material, it won’t fade or become yellow even after years of usage in direct sunlight. There is 25% less plastic and bulk as compared to earlier models.

An upgraded 3/8″ standard fitting is included for immediate use. It facilitates you with comfort and maintenance is simplified with its design.

The Guard Gate is a protective barrier that prevents debris and undesired splashback from entering the nozzles. Now that you can get to the nozzles more easily, you can keep them clean with less effort.

Why We Like it?

  • Standard fitting.
  • Low profile design.
  • Guard gate.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Cleanliness expert.

11. LUXE Neo 110

This is the most fundamental and simplest kind of connection for a bidet. It is possible that someone is handing you a sprayer for the interior of the toilet.

In contrast to more expensive accessories, it does not come with a second nozzle for feminine hygiene or the capacity for the nozzle to self-rinse.

Because it features a retractable nozzle and a guard gate rather than the solid chrome attachments that cost four times as much, it is an upgrade above those attachments.

Why We Like it?

  • Simplest attachment.
  • Self rinsing.
  • DIY installation.
  • Upgraded item.
  • Reliable enough.


TOTO WASHLET K300 has the ability to provide a refreshing clean for whoever uses it. Warm water always comes through the nozzle as long as you need it. Also, it comes with an Air deodorizer that neutralizes bathroom odors with powerful air filters.

It automatically cleans up the bowel after each use so every time you could experience it odor free and hygienic. Furthermore, its remote control helps to customize cleaning settings exactly as you want.

Why We Like it?

  • Self cleaning nozzles
  • Best for feminine hygiene.
  • Remote control.

9. For Left-Handed Users: the Brondell SouthSpa LH-12

If you need a bidet attachment and are left-handed, the SouthSpa LH-12 is a great choice.

Control is provided via a left-side arm, and it has both forward and aft self-cleaning nozzles.

Why We Like it?

  • Great choice.
  • Best for left hand users.
  • Self cleaning nozzles
  • Cost-effective.

8. The Brondell Ecoseat S101

It has two nozzles—one for the back and one for the front—that clean themselves after use.

This bidet converter kit seems to be less frequent than others. Attachments are 50% cheaper and just as effective as other methods in most cases.

In certain cases, you may get an electric bidet with 10 times the features for the same price as a traditional one.

The Ecoseat, however, is an anomaly since its pricing is on par with that of a high-end attachment.

The lower tendency for splashing and the absence of the need for spacers are generally cited as the main benefits of non-electric chairs versus bidet converter kits. The bidet consistently clogs the rim of the toilet when flushed.

When it comes to splashing, bidet seats are designed to help stop water from exiting the toilet bowl, unlike other subpar attachments.

Why We Like it?

  • Lower splashing tendency.
  • Non-electric attachment.
  • DIY installation.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Reliable enough.

7. The Alpha JX Luxury Bidet Seat

The Alpha JX bidet converter kit is the pinnacle of this family of high-end bidets. If you desire Alpha, you should acquire it from Bidet King since they run the firm and can provide the greatest service and warranty.

Check to see if Amazon still has any in stock or if there are any current sales.

The JX bidet converter, like the aforementioned iX Hybrid, features numerous luxury choices not found on the iX.

The primary distinction is the instantaneous water heater. Because it warms up quickly, warm water is constantly accessible. Given that it is tankless, having a heated reservoir is unnecessary.

Furthermore, since they do not need to constantly heat a reservoir, tankless heaters use significantly less energy than traditional types.

The antibacterial nozzle is another nice feature. The cleaning instrument does not need disinfection after use and is resistant to contamination.

The antibacterial and antifungal coating on the aluminum nozzle improves cleaning and defense.

Unlike the GX and iX, the JX bidet converter kit only offers two simple one-button modes. To start a predefined wash or wash + dry cycle, the user just has to press one button. This feature will help everyone, but families with small children and the elderly will benefit the most.

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The Alpha JX also comes with a stylish LCD-screen wireless remote control. You can accomplish more with fewer buttons if your gadget has an LCD screen.

Why We Like it?

  • Wash + dry cycle.
  • LCD screen.
  • Remote control
  • Fewer Buttons.
  • Double modes.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Reliable enough.

6. The Bio Bidet USPA 6800U Advanced Bidet Seat

This bidet attachment comes in both a circular and an extended shape, with the latter often costing more.

All the functions detailed here need the 6800U, not the regular 6800. The older model is still in use despite being replaced by a newer, better one.

There is a limited supply of hot water in the 6800U tank-style water heater. About 40 seconds after entering the tank, the hot water will begin to cool down.

It’s the same price as the posh option down below (the JX bidet kit). However, I felt it was important to have a Bio Bidet alternative, given this is a well-recognized brand with several noteworthy characteristics.

Among its many features are a setting designed specifically for washing children’s clothes, an enema soaker, a strong air deodorizer, personalized settings, and automatic operation.

The 6800U is similar to other Bio converter kit models in that it has a child-friendly wash setting. In this way, even if your child uses the bidet, they won’t have to worry about accidentally changing the settings.

Automatic wash/dry cycle (1-minute wash, 3-minute dry) with child-friendly settings is only a button push away.

The enema feature, which pulses at high pressure, is meant to stimulate the bowel movements of your bidet converter. The water may be put into the rectum in the correct manner to provide a brief enema.

The air deodorizer uses a carbon filter to decompose molecules of bad smells and then recirculates the air to get rid of any lingering orders. By eradicating them where they begin, disagreeable orders may be avoided (as with air fresheners).

Presets allow you to store your favorite settings to your bidet kit option, in this example the nozzle position and water pressure. For me, presets function like a waiter who always knows what you want to eat. There is an automated function on the toilet, too.

Why We Like it?

  • Automatic wash cycle.
  • Air deoderizer.
  • Store your favorite settings.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Heated Seat.

5. Brondell CleanSpa CS-30 Handheld Bidet

Another best bidet converter is the Brondell CS-30, a portable bidet with an adjustable spout.

Since a variable spray head is so uncommon, I’m intrigued by this option.

With the use of an adjustable nozzle, you can choose between a concentrated stream for more thorough cleaning and a more gentle, relaxing spray pattern. This option has every feature that makes it one of the best converter kits.

Why We Like it?

  • Adjustable spout.
  • Portable choice
  • Adjustable nozzle
  • Advance comfort.
  • Reliable enough.

4. The Purrfectzone Sprayer

It’s around half the price of the Brondell premium bidet attachments and just as excellent.

It has been proven effective, is leak-proof, and has stood the test of time. The cleaning spray is on par with that of other handheld sprayers, but the stream isn’t as hard and concentrated as some users want (produce and dish sprayers).

Why We Like it?

  • You can buy it on half price from other bidets.
  • Leak proof.
  • Handheld spray
  • Cost-effective.
  • Reliable enough.

3. The LUXE Neo 320 Dual-Temp Attachment

There is a learning curve with this kind, I will concede that.

The water is cold at first because it has to travel a distance to reach the desired temperature before it can be used. Warm air is something customers love most about it.

Extreme heat in the water is also possible. Using this converter kit, the hot water temperature would rise to a scorching 120 degrees, which was extremely uncomfortable for my delicate nether regions.

Why We Like it?

  • Hot water could be made available.
  • DIY installation.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Reliable enough.
  • Heated seat.

2. Brondell Ecoseat S102 Dual-Temp Non-Electric Seat

In my view, the Brondell Ecoseat S102 is among the attachments available since it includes hot water. It is also available in both round and elongated forms.

It’s the same as the Ecoseat S101 in every way except that it has two self-cleaning nozzles and a warm water input.

Why We Like it?

  • Best nonelectric seat.
  • Hot water bidet.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Self cleaning nozzles.
  • Reliable enough.

1. Delta Refresh Bidet Toilet Seat

Every day, you’ll feel revitalized thanks to the Delta Refresh bidet converters, a toilet seat that offers ultimate cleaning and an increased level of comfort.

All that is needed to start saving money on regular use of paper while enjoying a more thorough cleaning experience is to swap out your old toilet seat with a non-electric bidet seat.

For those who like to take on their own home improvement tasks, this form of installation is a great option. The quick-release mechanism and user-friendly design of the bidet toilet seat attachment make setup and teardown a breeze.

This affordable bidet allows you to replace the toilet seat on your current toilet with only one new part. All necessary hardware and instructions for easy self-installation are included:

Why We Like it?

  • Improved degree of cleanliness.
  • Increased level of comfort.
  • DIY installation.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Reliable enough.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can You Convert a Toilet To a Bidet?

A: Contrarily, a toilet seat is simple enough to install on your own. No particular knowledge or tools are required for the installation of a bidet toilet seat. The bidet you’re considering may be installed with no additional plumbing since it just clips into your existing bowl.

Q: How Do You Dry Your Privates After Using a Bidet?

A: The region may be dried with the air drier by pressing the “Dry” button if present. To dry off after using a standard bidet, you may either use toilet paper or a towel. Towels are usually hung on a ring adjacent to the bidet in public restrooms. It is safer and more sanitary to use a paper towel.

Q: Do You Still Wipe Before Using a Bidet?

A: If this is your first time using a bidet, it’s best to wipe it down with paper towels before turning on the bidet’s spray. When using a bidet, you won’t require any soap. It’s not necessary to utilize the bidet like a mini-shower after using the restroom or engaging in sexual activity.

Q: Do You Need a Plumber For a Bidet?

A: Using a bidet as a wash basin after you get off the toilet is becoming more commonplace in the United States. While installing a standalone bidet in your house necessitates the installation of new plumbing lines, adding a bidet toilet seat or a hand-held bidet sprayer to your existing setup is a simple process that takes up very little area.

Q: Is There a Downside To Mechanical Bidet?

A: There are many benefits of bidet converter usage but there could be possible burns. Pay close attention to the water pressure and temperature of your bidet, since these might e cause scorching or other discomfort if set too high.

Q: Do Bidets Get All The Poop Off?

A: Bidet kits for toilets do not, in fact, spray waste everywhere when used. To clean your posterior and privates, bidets employ a focused jet of water. There is no spraying of garbage.

Q: Can Bidets Cause Urinary Tract Infections?

A: Even if the nozzle of your bidet seat with your toilet is contaminated with germs, using it is no assurance that you will get ill. Although, it’s not impossible. Vaginal health is particular for those who use bidets.

Final Words

It might be difficult to settle on bidet converters because of the wide variety of user preferences and needs. While a bidet converter may seem like a no-brainer, there are a few things to keep in mind first.

These elongated bidet seat converter kits for you will depend on your unique needs and preferences. This depends on the bidet toilet seat converter model that you choose bidet for your bathroom.

It’s probably a good idea to attach a bidet seat to the toilet that you’re currently using. Bidet offers the users, ultimate cleaning, comfort, and ease in the long run so they can live their lives with basic luxuries. 

Turn your existing toilet into a bidet toilet seat that offers ultimate personal hygiene and comfort. Bidet doesn’t harm you in most situations but there could be some such as UTI.

Get yourself a high-tech electronic bidet toilet seat that offers most of the benefits now!

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